The Team

Our staff is here for you, to make your trip on Ocean Divine an unforgettable dream.

The Owners

Dune Gaelle David Mesnard
David, Gaelle and Dune MESNARD
from France

David: Owner and builder of Ocean Divine. In Maldives since 1990. Diving instructor, free diving instructor, "apnea academy", captain.
Gaelle: Logistic and reservation. 
Dune... 7 years old: Entertainer...

Motto: "Live the life you want"

Our Dive Masters

Xanath & Pablo

Xanath and Pablo met underwater almost 4 years ago and share, since then, their love and passion for travelling and Scuba diving. From the warm waters of SE Asia to the dark caves in Mexico, they’ve finally reached Maldives, fulfilling a dream that both have had for many years.

She is a Proud French/Mexican Open Water scuba instructor with a background in social education. Raised between the waves of the French sea and the colourful Reunion island, Xanath craves big blue dives and daydreams about dancing with mantas of the Maldives and becoming one of them!
And Pablo, Argentinian born and world traveller who accidentally tripped into the ocean around 2010 and has refused to get out ever since! He loves the big and the small stuff and is exceptionally well camouflaged among clownfish!

With around 5,000 dives and 500 students each, they are committed to a high standard of diving education.
They will adapt to every need and preference, and do their best to ensure that you will have a safe and a fun time in the water.
For them Scuba diving is not just blowing bubbles, but an art, and they can’t wait to share their mind-set with you!

The Crew