Luxury Surfing

What is the best time for a surf trip in Maldives?

Avril to september is considered as (Austral) winter with a maximum a swell in the indian Ocean. The transition period (March-April and October-November) might be the best months (with a advantage in spring) for clean session with lots of sun but with a frequency and size less than the south-west monsoon ( May-September).

The heart of the south-west monsoon is june-july with frequent rain (but short), and moderate winds. Il is little less hot and this is the period where the navigation is the most difficult.
With the 3 different swell direction (West, South-West and South-East )in the central Atoll that receive them all, it is a period where the waves are guaranteed, except during heavy storms, (rare).
There are less boats around during the South-West monsoon, and that could be good time for South Male and Meemu atoll.

What to bring for my stay?

It is really hot in Maldives so pack lightly. Flip flap and lots of sun screen. Maybe your fishing rod and a mask and a snorkel hence we do have some basic gear on board.
For the rest, we have everything on board : Towels, shower gel, shampoo and so on...

For your information, you don't need to bring any shoes on board as you will be bare foot during all your trip.
Our concept is "No news, no shoes".

If you wish to stay on contact with your family, bring your phone. You will have 100 % roaming wherever we go. 

You can acces on board to internet with the wifi system at extra cost (50$/pers for week and 70$/pers for 10 days, or daily 10$).

What to do if if the condition are not right for surfing ?

It is very unlikely that you wont surf couple of hours a day. If a surf spot hasn't got good condition, your surf guide will decide with you and will give you some suggestions. Ocean Divine is a fast boat taht could change spot rapidly few time a day t check some other surf spots. If the surf is impossible, you can also join for a course to learn how to dive, snorkeling, fishing. If you are a keen fisherman, bring you own gear. We do have some basic gear on board.
For all extras on board and if we go for dinner on a island? How can I settle payment?

For all your extra on board (spa, diving, alcohol) you can settle your bill at the end of your stay with your Credit Card ( Visa, Mastercard only ). 12% GST and 10%Service Charge for ALL extras.

What are the dangers?

- No dangerous sharks in Maldives. No attack ever recorded.
- The real danger could be the sun and get dehydrated. Drink plenty and protect yourself with good sun screen with hight protection.
- No pirates in maldives.

What surf accessories to bring?

Lycra long sleeves, hat, booties, extra leach ( 2 and 2.5 mtrs) and wax.

What is the temperature of the water?

28/ 29 degree Celsius, all year around.

How many boards should I bring?

2 boards for waves from 50 cm to 2.50m. Better to bring a fish than a gun, especially in Summer ( Mars to April )
No problem if you wish to bring beginners board or body board. Long board could be convenient but watch out for hollow waves that sucks you in.

The reef?

There are no beach break in Maldives and so you only surf on the reef. Not like in Indonesia, the reef is soft and flat. You most of the time have enough water so it is particularly safe. Sometime at low tide,very shallow so you have to jump flat out of the waves.
In case of cuts, we have the necessary on board. The hospital is an 30 minutes to an hour away maximum from the surf spot. Good hospital in Male. Please have you own insurance.

What about sea sick?

Ocean Divine is a yacht of 33 meters with water ballast to avoid toomuch rocking on the sea. With her 9 meters wide and 120 tons, it is very unlikely that you will get sea sick as we anchor in lagoon protected by a barrier reef and so very limited movement of the ocean swell. However for people who are sensitive it does exist some patch that seems to be very effective.


There are very little mosquitos in Maldives and located only i Local island. No malaria in Maldives.

It will be my birthday during the trip, can it be celebrated?

Any special event that you like to celebrate on board is welcome. We will make all arrangement for you at no extra cost. The chef Will be delighted to make is best birthday cakes.

I have some friends who does not surf , what they can do on board to get their share of fun?

Ocean Divine has being especially made for exclusive use of the boat for people who surf and some others don't. Family and friends with hight expectation. We will take care of you.
Learn how to dive wih an experience instructor, fishing , learn how to hold your breath, go to the in board SPA for a massage.
You can also learn how to paddle board (available on board ). Visit a local island or simply enjoy the comfort on board.