What if there is an emergency on board?

The Ocean Divine crew is trained in first aid and diving accident management. The boat is equipped with a complete first aid kit and a high capacity oxygen system. There are two very modern and well maintained Hyperbaric Chambers staffed and managed 24/7 by professionals, located on Bandos Island. This chamber is affiliated with DAN Europe – not DAN USA. We highly recommend that all guests carry valid dive insurance (DAN, Dive Assure, Dive Safe, or other diver policies offered in your area) purchased prior to the trip.

Please note : As indicated in the diving section, there is a Maldivian law that prohibits scuba divers from diving deeper than 30m/98ft. An insurance coverage problem could be created should you require the services of the a hyperbaric chamber and report (or have documented via your dive computer) violation of this law.