I am a photographer – what can I expect?

Photo opportunities are abundant and not matter what system you have, you will probably experience excellent results. Be sure to pack your photo equipment carefully in a durable carrying case and bring any unique spare parts and back-up equipment with you.

Guests who are shooting digital photography may view their images on the plasma screen in the salon. Please be sure to bring the appropriate connection cables to fit your particular equipment. N° E-6 film processing is available aboard the Ocean Divine.

Camera tables : the diving Dhoni has a camera table built into the rear for your use. There is also a camera table on the upper deck of Ocean Divine for you to work on your equipment.

Charging stations : there is charging station in the salon for your to plug your strobes into. A few transformers are provided, however we recommend that you bring your own as well.

Rinse buckets : there is a “camera only” rinse bucket on the back of the diving Dhoni for the exclusive use of photographers on board.

Underwater privacy : all divers are required to have a buddy with them at all times. Because we are operating in a drift diving situation at times, photographers are expected to stay with their group. You may move away from the group within reason – providing that the divemaster leading the dive is kept in sight at all times. You will not be permitted to separate from the group or carry your own drift line to do your own thing.