How will we dive from the Ocean Divine?

Tender diving is the rule rather than the exception. The “Diving Dhoni” is a 55 foot custom built vessel that was designed to hold the entire dive operation of the Ocean Divine. All dive equipment (SCUBA tanks, air and Nitrox compressors, dive equipment, wetsuits, etc) stay onboard the Dive Dhoni for the duration of the voyage and is attended to by our crew nightly. The trips aboard the Dhoni from Ocean Divine to the dive sites run between 10-15 minutes. The Dhoni will be boarded from Ocean Divine via the dive platform. During this process, the Ocean Divine is usually moored in calm waters. Our experienced crew will be available to assist with the boarding and disembarking process to and from the Dhoni.

Generally guests will keep all of their dive gear on board, making embarkation much easier. There are five exit points on the Dhoni where a giant stride entry can be performed. At the end of your dive, guests may need to swim on the surface to move away from the shallow reef tops into deeper water where they can meet the Dhoni. To re-board the Dhoni, guests hand up their fins and weight belts up to the crew and then use the ladder (placed over the side) to re-board. Our crew will be on stand by help you off set the weight of your tank as you climb the ladder and assist you back to your seat.

Please advised that due to frequently strong currents it is MANDATORY for each diver to carry an emergency SMB (safety sausage), Dive alert (personal air horn), and mini-strobe light on all dives. If you do not bring any one of these devices with you they are available for rent on board the Ocean Divine, however, quantities may be limited. If you do not possess these items, please notify our office prior to departure.