How do I get from the hotel to Ocean Divine if I arrive early?

Guests that arrive a day or more early or early on the day of embarkation can make arrangements at one of the local hotels for a room or a day pass. The Hulhule hotel is located nearby on the same island as the airport and is the most inconvenient. The JEN Hotel is close by on the Island of Male (the capital) where the main city center is, but it is quite expensive to spend a night there. The Bandos and Kurumba resort is about 20 minutes away by speed boat and offers a more upscale private island resort experience. Advance reservations are highly recommended.

Day passes at a hotel like Hulule includes the use of pool (if available), towels showers, a locker, luggage storage, and a meal. They do have different package between 65$ to 85$ depending if you wish a lunch/dinner included or not.

To board Ocean Divine, guests will need to return to the airport and meet the agent at the arrivals area at 5:00pm. All of the resorts use the airport and airport docks as a “central” hub for moving guests between the different islands.