Are nitrox fills available?

The Ocean Divine is equipped with Nitrox facilities. Nitrox fills of up to 32% are normally available to all CERTIFIED Nitrox divers for an additional charge. Nitrox Dive Profiles must be planned and executed with either Nitrox tables or a Nitrox compatible computer. It is recommended that the planned PO2 level be set within the limits of your certifying agency. All Nitrox fills must be analyzed by the divers using the mix and logged prior to each and every dive. Oxygen analyzers available for use by guests while onboard will be calibrated a minimum of one time per day by a crew member. PADI or TDI Nitrox certifications are usually available on board to all certified open water divers for an additional charge.

Our purpose in providing enriched air Nitrox for the use of our guests is to give those who are unfamiliar with this fairly new technology an opportunity to become certified Nitrox divers and give those already certified an enhanced safety factor in the face of extensive, repetitive dive profiles in remote regions of the world. Nitrox is not offered for extended range diving.