Planning Guide

All about your trip.

How do I get from the hotel to Ocean Divine if I arrive early?

Guests that arrive a day or more early or early on the day of embarkation can make arrangements at one of the local hotels for a room or a day pass.

The Hulhule hotel is located nearby on the same island as the airport and is the most convenient.

The JEN Hotel is close by on the Island of Male (the capital) where the main city center is, but it is quite expensive to spend a night there. The Bandos and Kurumba resorts are about 20 minutes away by speed boat and offers a more upscale private island resort experience. Advance reservations are highly recommended.

Day passes at a hotel like Hulule includes the use of pool (if available), towels showers, a locker, luggage storage, and a meal. They do have different package between 65$ to 85$ depending if you wish a lunch/dinner included or not.

To board Ocean Divine, guests will need to return to the airport and meet the agent at the arrivals area at 15:00pm.

All of the resorts use the airport and airport docks as a “central” hub for moving guests between the different islands.

Do I need a trip insurance?

YES , we reccomend that each guest purchase comprehensive accident, medical, baggage and trip cancellation and interruption insurance when space is reserved. Trip insurance will protect you from financial disappointment if you are prevented from making your scheduled trip due to illness or family illness, or in the event that unforeseen circumstances prevent the airline or vessel from making its scheduled trip. In an event where it is necessary to cancel or interrupt a charter due to weather or any matter beyond our control, there is no refund or credit issued.

Diving accident insurance is MANDATORY

How many dives will we do each day?

We will offer up to three dives per day (2 on the last day) and 2 night dive a week (weather and sea conditions permitting) from our Diving dhoni , with a total of 18 dives on the 7 night trips , and 30 dives on the 12 night trips.

What is the general skill/experience level of diving required for this destination?

The Maldives is not a beginner’s destination.

There is drift diving with currents varying from clam, to moderate and even to strong.

Divers should have the general fitness level that allows them to dive in currents and conduct surface swims. 

Divers should be comfortable in the water and have near perfect buoyancy.

Rapid descents are required to reach the reef when currents are present.

Divers should be comfortable in open water and performing drift dives where the current may be moderate to strong.

At the end of your dive you should be comfortable doing an open water safety stop and climbing the ladder on board the Dhoni with your tank on.

How will we dive from the Ocean Divine?

Tender diving is the rule rather than the exception. The “Diving Dhoni” is a 55 foot custom built vessel that was designed to hold the entire dive operation of the Ocean Divine. All dive equipment (SCUBA tanks, air and Nitrox compressors, dive equipment, wetsuits, etc) stay onboard the Dive Dhoni for the duration of the voyage and is attended to by our crew nightly. The trips aboard the Dhoni from Ocean Divine to the dive sites run between 10-15 minutes. The Dhoni will be boarded from Ocean Divine via the dive platform. During this process, the Ocean Divine is usually moored in calm waters. Our experienced crew will be available to assist with the boarding and disembarking process to and from the Dhoni.

Generally guests will keep all of their dive gear on board, making embarkation much easier. There are five exit points on the Dhoni where a giant stride entry can be performed. At the end of your dive, guests may need to swim on the surface to move away from the shallow reef tops into deeper water where they can meet the Dhoni. To re-board the Dhoni, guests hand up their fins and weight belts up to the crew and then use the ladder (placed over the side) to re-board. Our crew will be on stand by help you off set the weight of your tank as you climb the ladder and assist you back to your seat.

Please advised that due to frequently strong currents it is MANDATORY for each diver to carry an emergency SMB (safety sausage), bring your own one , if not we have a limited stock on board you can rent.

Can I earn advanced diving certifications or specialities on board?

 Ocean Divine dive staff can offer you SSI/PADI Training at extra cost ; you can become an Advanced Diver and/or do some specialities lite Enriched Air Nitrox , Drift Diving , Night Diving and other environment oriented specialities.

Check with us or once on board with your Cruise Director about the Training oportunities in this wonderful destination.

Are dive gear and photo/video gear available for rent?

M/V Ocean Divine has 12 sets of diving equipment available for rent in case you decide to travel light

Let us in advance if you decide you want to rent gear.

We offer ScubaPro BCDs , regulators , shorties , dive compuers and dive torches.

IMPORTANT , bring your own MASK , FINS and SNORKEL as we do not stock them for diving trips , we consider it personal gear wich must be consistent for diving with currents on drift diving.

No photo equipment is currently available for rent but your Cruise Director might produce a Video of the Trip for you to purchase at the end of the trip  , check with us about

All Rentals and Video of the Week are levied 12%Tgst and 10%Service Charge.


What safety equipment do I need to have?

Mandatory Safety equipment for each diver : SMB , submersible marker buoy with line , to mark your ascent after every dive.

Additional recommended safety equipment : whistle , signal mirror , and bliking light for night dives.

Can I fish or spearfish?

Spear Fishing is STRICLTLY PROHIBITED in Maldives.

Fishing lines and rods will be available if you like sport fishing.

What if there is an emergency on board?

The Ocean Divine crew is trained in first aid and diving accident management. The boat is equipped with a complete first aid kit and a high capacity oxygen system. There are two very modern and well maintained Hyperbaric Chambers staffed and managed 24/7 by professionals, located on Bandos Island. This chamber is affiliated with DAN Europe – not DAN USA.

Its MANDATORY to carry valid travel and dive insurance (DAN, Dive Assure, Dive Safe, or other diver policies offered in your area) purchased prior to the trip.

We will be able to arrange Dive Insurance on board ; we do not allow any guest to dive without a proper dive insurance.

Please note : As indicated in the diving section, there is a Maldivian law that prohibits scuba divers from diving deeper than 30m/98ft.      Any insurance coverage problem could be created should you require the services of the a hyperbaric chamber and report (or have documented via your dive computer) violation of this law.

Things to know

For your information, you don't need to bring any shoes on board as you will be bare foot during all your trip.
Our concept is "No news, no shoes".

If you wish to stay on contact with your family, bring your phone. You will have 100 % roaming wherever we go.

How do I get from the airport to Ocean Divine?

Our team will wait for you at the arrival terminal with a sign "Ocean Divine".

It will take approximately 15mn maximum to reach the boat.

If you need a special pick up time, we can organize it by speed boat only during the surfing season as the boat is staying on the north & south Male atoll at around 200-250$ to rent a speed boat depending where Ocean Divine stand.


What do we do on the day we disembark?

The Ocean Divine will return to Hulhule Lagoon around 3 pm the afternoon prior to the ending cruise date. The plan for that day is to offer 2 morning dives. That night is reserved for the farewell dinner. Guests are free to snorkel, swim or arrange to go ashore upon arriving back at the lagoon.

Depending on your flight departure times, guests may want to obtain a hotel room or a day pass. We would recommend the Hulhule Island hotel as it is the closest to the airport. Day passes typically include use of the pool, locker, showers, luggage storage, and a meal. Depending on which resort you choose you could then take a Dhoni into the island of Male to walk around and explore, before returning in time to clean up before boarding your flight.

Cancelation policy

We will request 20% (thirty percent) deposit at the reservation and the balance will be due 30 (thirty) days prior departure.
In case of cancelation of your trip, the deposit will be non refundable, 60 days prior departure.


What paperwork will I need for diving?

Please remember that you alone are responsible for determining your medical and physical fitness to dive or to take part in any other activities during this trip.


We take no responsibility with respect to your determination.

If you have any questions concerning your medical or physical fitness to dive or take part in any such activities, please consult your personal physician.


What is the water temperature – should I wear a wetsuit?

The water temperature remains warm and comfortable (27-30c / 80-84f deg.) throughout the year. A light wetsuit is necessary, though some people choose more thermal protection (a 3mm suit) to ensure continued core temperature warmth throughout their visit.

Are nitrox fills available?

The Ocean Divine is equipped with Nitrox facilities.

Nitrox fills of up to 32% are normally available to all CERTIFIED Nitrox divers for an additional charge. Nitrox Dive Profiles must be planned and executed with either Nitrox tables or a Nitrox compatible computer.

It is recommended that the planned PO2 level be set within the limits of your certifying agency.

All Nitrox fills must be analyzed by the divers using the mix and logged prior to each and every dive.

Oxygen analyzers available for use by guests while onboard will be calibrated a minimum of one time per day by a crew member.

PADI /SSI  Nitrox Training is available on board to all certified open water divers for an additional charge (195usd)

Our purpose in providing enriched air Nitrox for the use of our guests is to give those who are unfamiliar with this fairly new technology an opportunity to become certified Nitrox divers and give those already certified an enhanced safety factor in the face of extensive, repetitive dive profiles in remote regions of the world. Nitrox is not offered for extended range diving.

Note that NITROX is an extra and you will be charged 70USD (7 nights) 100USD (12 nights) + taxes at the end of the Trip.

(We apologize in advance if  Nitrox is not available due to Technical reasons on your trip)

What diving equipment will i need to bring?

Equipment provided aboard the Ocean Divine includes tanks (80cu.ft./12 liters aluminum with yoke style “K” valves , 100cu.ft /15liters , and 60cu.ft/liters , also available on demand), weights and weight belts.

Divers will also need the following equipment :

Basic required diving equipment for each diver :

  • Regulator with alternate air source
  • Depth and pressure gauge
  • Dive computer (mandatory one per diver)
  • Buoyancy Compensation Device (BCD)
  • Mask/Fins/Snorkel
  • Wetsuit / Light skin
  • Night dives : we strongly reccomend 2 light sources on a night dive

We stock 12 sets of SCUBAPRO DIVE GEAR if you prefer to Travel LIGHT , prices and booking on request

I am a photographer – what can I expect?

Photo opportunities are abundant and not matter what system you have, you will probably experience excellent results. Be sure to pack your photo equipment carefully in a durable carrying case and bring any unique spare parts and back-up equipment with you.

Guests who are shooting digital photography may view their images on the plasma screen in the salon. Please be sure to bring the appropriate connection cables to fit your particular equipment. 

Bring both wide angle and macro lenses , strobes and lamps (specially for the spectacular night dives).
Camera tables : the diving Dhoni has a camera table for your use.

Charging stations : there is charging station in the salon for your to plug your strobes into. A few transformers are provided, however we recommend that you bring your own as well.

Rinse buckets : there is a “camera only” rinse bucket on the back of the diving Dhoni for the exclusive use of photographers on board.

Underwater privacy : all divers are required to have a buddy with them at all times. Because we are operating in a drift diving situation at times, photographers are expected to stay with their group. You may move away from the group within reason – providing that the divemaster leading the dive is kept in sight at all times. You will not be permitted to separate from the group or carry your own drift line to do your own thing.

Internet access

You will find Wifi Internet Access onboard Ocean Divine , shared through Boat Wifi


 For a personal individual MOBILE PHONE-INTERNET LINE you can purchase a 2 week SIM CARD at the Airport on Arrival , strongly reccomended if you look for high speed , video calls and social media.