Ocean Diving

Nitrox: Trying to decide if it is right for you

What is Nitrox?

Nitrox BottleNitrox is air that has been enriched by taking away some of the nitrogen using a membrane system to release the excess gas or using a blending system to add more oxygen than the 21% which is found in air.

What are the benefits?

By breathing an EAN (Enriched Air Nitrox) mixture you will absorb less nitrogen, therefore off-gassing time is shorter and you may feel less post-dive fatigue.

How do I become Nitrox certified?

IT’S EASY! There is no need for new equipment (since we are diving a mix of less than 40% oxygen). It will take only about 4 hours of your time, conveniently scheduled between dives. Ask one of our dive crew and we will be happy to complete your course on your liveaboard cruise!

Certification Nitrox : 190 USD

Enriched Air Full Nitrox:


  • 7 days > 70$
  • 12 days > 100$